An appeal for funding – A call to the international community

Switzerland is about to vote on an important law concerning Asylum seekers.

Support the STOPEX campaign!

StopExclusion is a committee against “exclusion and xenophobia” that has been campaigning for the rights of Asylum seekers since 2005. The committee is made up of over 40 NGO’s, political parties, syndicates, churches and other organizations.
The right wing parties want to tighten the already very strict laws for asylum seekers to Switzerland. However, this is a Human Rights affair and we should therefore all feel responsible.

You may not have the right to vote, but you can help Switzerland vote NO on 9 June 2013:

  • Making a donation to the campaign:

The campaign is short of close to CHF 13’000, every donation is welcome. Click here to see how to to it, puttin « International » as reference. There are 22’000 international civil servants in Geneva a small contribution from each of you would help to fund the campaign that is in need of resources!

  • Volunteering with StopEx (find a variety of ways in which you can volunteer on the website)
  • Finally, encourage your Swiss Friends to vote NO the 9th of June!

The main points surrounding the campaign are detailed in the document “Urgent measures to amend the Swiss Asylum Act”.

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